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Dr. Carol Donadio


DDS (Sao Paulo)

ADC (Melbourne)

Post-Graduation in Prosthodontics (Sao Paulo)

Dr. Carol is a General Dentist trained in Brazil and certified to practice in Australia by the Australian Dental Council.

Dr. Carol is passionate when it comes to caring and helping patients with their health and general wellbeing. As a prosthodontist in Brazil she performed full mouth rehabilitation with crowns and implants and also cosmetic treatments. She mentored pre-school programs in Brazil, educating and raising awareness in regards to oral health in young children. She also volunteered as a teacher in her dental school and post-graduation extensions programs. Dr Carol is very opened to respond any queries and happy to guide and educate patients so they can confidently decide to what is best for their general health.

Carol was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and together with her husband, in 2011, they moved to Melbourne where they had their son. She fell in love with Melbourne at first sight and Melbourne became her home since.

Carol has adopted a very mindful way of living since she moved here, caring more for herself, her family and the others. She practises Yoga and Meditation daily and loves to spend her free time with her family in contact with the nature.

Carol is currently not accepting new patients.