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6 April, 2017

Dr. Paul’s Dental Tool Kit Part 2

Dental Tool Kit Part 2

In the last blog I wrote about a small-headed soft tooth brush being the number one most important tool. The second most important tool is dental floss you can properly place between your teeth.

I love Dr. Tung’s with natural beeswax and cardamom flavour- this floss cleans so well. It can be hard to find, so we sell Dr. Tung’s at our office. Otherwise I also like Oral B’s Ultra Floss because it is spongy.

If holding floss with your fingers is difficult, using a flosette with a handle is a decent alternative. If you have been advised to use an interdental brush (such as a Pikster), stick with that. If you find a certain brand of floss is difficult to get between your teeth, try another brand until you find one that works.

-Dr Paul

Dr. Paul’s Dental Tool Kit Part 2