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Safe Mercury Removal


Our holistic approach to dentistry involves natural prevention, biocompatible materials, and respect for a patient’s preferences and concerns.

Silver Filling Removal

Some patients are concerned about fillings that contain mercury. We have a number of patients who are referred to us by naturopaths and other complimentary medicine practitioners who have recommended removal of mercury-containing fillings. If you would like to replace your old silver fillings with tooth-coloured, BPA-free fillings, we use a strict protocol that significantly reduces the exposure to mercury during the removal process. Although removal of mercury-containing fillings may not affect health problems in some patients, total mercury levels in blood plasma and urine have been shown to be significantly reduced a year after silver filling removal*.


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Dr. Brandeis or Paul McBratney-Owen can discuss the options for silver filling removal and provide you with information to help you make an informed choice about the treatment that is best for you.

Mercury-Free Materials

We support the World Health Organization’s recommendation to phase-out the use of mercury containing products, such as dental amalgam. We only use mercury-free restorative materials.
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*Reference: Berglund A, Molin M. 1997. Mercury levels in plasma and urine after removal of all amalgam restorations: the effect of using rubber dams. Dental Materials. Sep;13(5):297-304.